Default Apps

Iโ€™m a little late to the party with this, but having just discovered this yesterday, I am enjoying reading through all the defaults that others use. (The list is still being updated.) The cool thing is that reading through these caused me to rethink some of the default apps I use and why I use them, and as such, I could not resist jumping on the bandwagon to share my list of defaults as my first post of 2024.

First, in terms of the hardware that the default apps listed below are used on, while I have an iMac that now runs Linux Mint with the XFCE desktop environment and while I occasionally use my wife's old Surface Laptop 3, my main computing device remains an iPhone 11 that is now over four years old. While an iPhone 15 Plus is intriguing because of the newer hardware and larger screen, I donโ€™t see any need to replace it just yet.

My Defaults

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