New iPhones

September 17, 2021

Apple held an event on September 14, during which they announced the new line up of iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and two new iPads. I like these events, and being a tech enthusiast, I always watch. However, most years I come away a little disappointed with what was announced, and frankly, this year was no exception. While they announced a number of nice product updates, Apple did not announce anything that screams to me, “Please take my money now!”.

I have an iPhone 11, and it is still a decent phone. It is fast enough for me, and the battery is still good. I don't need any of the fancy new camera features offered by the iPhone 13, and I am happy with my phone's screen resolution. Plus, Apple is still supporting it with software updates. I just don't see the need to replace a perfectly good device just because.

The same could be said for my Apple Watch. Mine is a Series 3 that's now roughly three years old. Though it's a little slow, it still does everything I need it to do. The battery is still decent, and software updates should last for a while longer, especially since Apple is still selling the Series 3 as the $199 “entry level” Apple Watch.

None of the new iPads really interest me. The design of the new iPad Mini is very nice, but while I tried to like the iPad, my phone works just fine what what I would use an iPad for. For “real” work, I would rather use my laptop or use my “Raspberry PiMac”.

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