Table of Contents


Linux Mint 21.1


My Disappointment with Apple's Advanced Data Protection for iCloud


My Intro to Linux

Tried & True.

Do not buy the Apple Watch Series 3.

My Reading List for 2022

My WWDC22 Wish List

The end of an era has quietly arrived.

Seven Links

With great power comes great responsibility.

Paper vs reMarkable

Browser Choice in iOS

A Brief Tribute to the BlackBerry


25 Days of Thankfulness

Good News!


The Jeep Wave

Microsoft Edge Stable for Linux

A Few Fun Facts About the NES

A Raspberry PiMac Update

First Gen iPhone SE in 2021

G-Shock Style Apple Watch

New iPhones

Raspberry PiMac

Big Phones and Minimalism

What I Learned on Summer Vacation

On Making Do

Game Boy Tetris

Thoughts on Browser Updates

A Thought Experiment

I Keep Coming Back to Ubuntu

Planned Obsolescence & My Samsung Chromebook

A Little Web 1.0 Nostalgia

What's on my iPhone?

The Year of the Linux Desktop is Finally Here

Pop!_OS First Impressions


Apple Music + Google Nest = :-)

Thoughts on the New iPhones and the HomePod Mini

Sega Genesis Mini

The Computer on My Wrist

Learning From My Mistakes

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