Table of Contents


Browser Choice in iOS

A Brief Tribute to the BlackBerry


25 Days of Thankfulness

Good News!


The Jeep Wave

Microsoft Edge Stable for Linux

A Few Fun Facts About the NES

A Raspberry PiMac Update

First Gen iPhone SE in 2021

G-Shock Style Apple Watch

New iPhones

Raspberry PiMac

Big Phones and Minimalism

What I Learned on Summer Vacation

On Making Do

Game Boy Tetris

Thoughts on Browser Updates

A Thought Experiment

I Keep Coming Back to Ubuntu

Planned Obsolescence & My Samsung Chromebook

A Little Web 1.0 Nostalgia

What's on my iPhone?

The Year of the Linux Desktop is Finally Here

Pop!_OS First Impressions


Apple Music + Google Nest = :-)

Thoughts on the New iPhones and the HomePod Mini

Sega Genesis Mini

The Computer on My Wrist

Learning From My Mistakes

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